Santa Fe Springs III

SCIFL headed back to Little Lake Park on April 25th and 26th after the Las Vegas Road Trip VIII. On Saturday morning it was overcast with light winds and it started sprinkling in the afternoon but it was not hard enough to stop the tournament. The fields and players got a bit wet but the games went on. On Sunday it cleared up and temperatures were in the mid 70’s. There were seven (7) teams that participated in the tournament.

On Saturday, after the Round Robin was complete A1 Rockies took the number one seed being the only team to win its three (3) games followed by Maccabi, Balboa, Bandits, Coyotes, Hitmen, and Young Guns.

In the Championship game on Sunday A1 Rockies would face the Hitmen for the second time this year.
A1 Rockies would start the day against the Coyotes in a semi-final game. Jesse Duncan would be the starting pitcher for A1 Rockies and would face Anthony Martinez and Will Oldham would come in to relief in the second inning. A1 Rockies would score seven (7) runs in the first inning, six (6) in the second, and three (3) more in the sixth. Jesse Duncan would keep the Coyotes scoreless to win 16 to 0 and head to the Championship game.

The Hitmen started the day against Balboa and would win 5 to 0 advancing them to the semi-final game were they would face Maccabi USA. The Hitmen would have Rob Schweyer in the circle against Jason Gluckmen. Hitmen would be the first ones to score in a very tight game. They scored one run in the second and another one in the fourth inning. Maccabi was scoreless until their last at bats in the sixth inning where they were able to score one run. That would not be enough and the game would end 2 to 1 Hitmen over Maccabi.

In the Championship game A1 Rockies would have Tommy Oborgon in the circle and Jesse Duncan would come in to relief in the fifth inning. The Hitmen would have Rob Schweyer and Lamar Gross would come in to relief in the sixth inning. The first run of the game would come by the Hitmen in the bottom of the second inning on a single by Lamar who would later score on a triple by Mal Cuss. The Hitmen would score two more runs in the bottom of the fourth on a single by Gabrial Three who would later score on a home run by Jayro Carrizosa. A1 Rockies would score its first run in the top of the fifth when Jason Oborgon draws a walk, would later advance to second on a pass ball, and finally would score on a single by Dave Demaio. Hitmen would score four more runs in the fifth on a single from Henry Schelb and Sal Rated. Henry would later score on a single from Gabrial. Jayro would then hit a home run to score Sal and Gabrial – this would be Jayro’s second home run of the game. A1 Rockies would score an additional run on a single by Chris Nassour who would later score on a triple from Robert Renteria. Hitmen would score two more runs in the sixth and the game would end 9 to 2 Hitmen over A1 Rockies. The Hitmen would be crowned Champions for the second time this year.

Next, the SCIFL will hold its first Wood Bat tournament on May 16th and 17th. Many players are excited and are looking forward to the experience.

No picture was provided for A1 Rockies.

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