Palm Springs

SCIFL headed to Palm Springs, CA on March 21st and 22nd. On Saturday temperatures were in the low 90ís and then it cooled down on Sunday making it a great day at the park. There were ten (10) teams that participated in the tournament.

Saturday was a Round Robin format where each team played three games to be seeded for the Single Elimination on Sunday. After the Round Robin was complete Pala Braves took the number one seed followed by Maccabi, A1 Rockies, Hitmen, Coyotes, So Cal Aces, Balboa, Wolf Pack, Bandits, and Team DM.

In the Championship game on Sunday Hitmen would face A1 Rockies. The Hitmen started of the day against the So Cal Bandits. It was a close game and the Hitmen were down heading into the last inning when Lamar Gross hit a home run to take the lead 8 to 5. The Bandits had one last opportunity but Lamar Gross was able to hold them down and the Hitmen would advance to the semi-final game to face the So Cal Aces.

The So Cal Aces would get to the semi-final game by wining Balboa 9 to 1 in their first game. Then they would face Pala Braves and win 4 to 1. The Hitmen would beat the So Cal Aces in the semi-final game 5 to 0 to advance to the Championship game against A1 Rockies.

A1 Rockies would start the day against Team DM were they would win 17 to 3 and would face the Wolf Pack in the semi-final game. The Wolf Pack would get to the semi-final game by winning the Coyotes 11 to 1 in their first game. Then they would face Maccabi USA were they would win a very close game 2 to 1. A1 Rockies would beat the Wolf Pack 11 to 1 to advance to the Championship game against the Hitmen.

In the Championship game the Hitmen would have Rob Schweyer in the pitcherís circle and A1 Rockies would have Jesse Duncan and Tommy Oborgon would come in to relief. The Hitmen would open the game by scoring the first run and then would be scoreless through the fourth inning. A1 Rockies would score its first run in the third inning. In the fifth inning the Hitmen would score four (4) more runs to take the lead. In the sixth inning A1 Rockies would score two (2) additional runs and would end the inning down 5 to 3. In the seventh inning Hitmen would score an additional run. A1 Rockies would have one last opportunity and would score one final run but it would not be enough to win the game. The Hitmen would be crowned Champions.

SCIFL will head to Las Vegas April 10-12, 2015 for its next tournament. There will be thirty three (33) teams competing in three different divisions. The AA/AA-Major division will have eight (8) teams, the A-Major division will have twelve (12) teams, and the A division will have thirteen (13) teams. It should be a competitive tournament for those who are attending.

No pictures were provided for either team.

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