Santa Fe Springs I

The 2015 SCIFL season kicked off in Santa Fe Springs, CA on March 7th and 8th. Temperatures were in the 80’s making it a great day at the park. There were eleven (11) teams scheduled to play but one team dropped out the Friday before the event making it a ten (10) team tournament.

Saturday was a Round Robin format where each team played three games to be seeded for the Single Elimination format on Sunday. After the Round Robin was complete J&B Painting took the number one seed being the only team to win 3 games with no losses and had no runs scored against them. The Brew Crew would take the second seed followed by So Cal Aces, A1 Rockies, Bandits, Wolf Pack, Hitmen, Balboa, Maccabi, and Warriors.

J&B Painting continued their no runs allowed until the Championship game behind the pitching of Tony Mancha from New Mexico. Tony pitched six (6) games and faced one hundred and fourteen (114) batters in thirty-four (34) innings. He allowed a total on two (2) runs but only one (1) was earned in the form of a solo homerun. He allowed twelve hits (12), walked four (4) batters, and had seventy-four (74) strike outs.

On Sunday morning their first game was against Maccabi. J&B Painting would score their only run in the first inning placing them in the semi-final game against A1 Rockies where they would win 10 to 0. In the Championship game, Tony Mancha would remain in the pitcher’s circle and would face Rob Schewyer of the Hitmen from Morongo, CA.

In the Championship game, J&B would score its first run in the second inning when Mark Aranda led off the inning on a base hit. Then he would steal second base and would advance to third base on a passed ball. Tony Mancha would advance Mark on a base hit.

J&B’s first run against them would be at the bottom of the 2nd inning when Rob Schewyer hit a double to right field and would advance to third and home when the right fielder slipped and fell. Then the cut-off man over-throws the ball allowing Rob to reach home base.

J&B would score again in the third inning when Eli Salazar led off the inning on a double. Kevin Castillo would advance Eli on a base hit. They would score one run in the fourth and fifth inning.

The only earn run Tony Mancha allowed was given up at the bottom of the 6th inning when Henry Schelb hit a solo homerun over the right center field fence. The game would end four (4) to two (2) with J&B Painting as the Champions.

Hitmen would finish the Round Robin as the number seven (7) seed with a 1-2 record. In the first game on Sunday the Warriors would forfeit. Then, they would face the number two (2) seed Brew Crew. Lamar Gross would be in the pitcher’s circle and would allow one run while the Hitmen scored eleven (11) runs of their own sending them to the semi-final where they would face Wolf Pack. Hitmen lead the game 6 to 1 behind Rob Schewyer. Lamar Gross would enter the game in the fourth inning and Wolf Pack would score four runs. Hitmen would come back and score three more runs and then hold off Wolf Pack to end the game 9 to 5 and a trip to the Championship.

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